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Cut Carbon Clubs

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Project 90 Clubs aim to cut carbon by 10% each year through implementing at least one project each year. We have lots of project ideas and we help you develop a measurable project that is practical and works for you

This could range from:

  • Basic water saving
  • Recycling programs
  • Refit program to use less energy in your buildings, or installing renewable energy equipment


Zero, zip, nothing … If you commit to cut carbon and dare to change, and form a Club we are there to help and support you – at no cost
Of course some of the projects that you may embark on will need money, and we assist Clubs with ideas on how to raise this if you cannot afford this yourself

What can I do?

Please note that everyone who wants to participate in a Club or Challenge and reap the rewards needs to submit proof of their progress i.e. electricity bills etc to us so that we monitor all participants correctly and award prizes

  • Schools: On-line submission of targets for Carbon Footprint Reduction projects in schools that will aim for at least 10% reduction by the end of 2010 Sign up
  • Companies: On-line challenge to achieve a target of 10% Energy Savings by means of physical technology changes in their operations Sign up
  • All South Africans: Sign up to support the supply of 4 million free domestic solar water heating systems instead of investing taxpayer’s money into dirty power generation. We provide a detailed outline of how this can be achieved
  • Photo Campaign: People send in photos taken of innovative energy efficiency actions they are taking themselves or see around them. Monthly prizes awarded for best picture submitted and final overall winner at the end of the campaign Join now
  • Most innovative energy efficiency idea campaign: Domestic, industrial or city-focused. Monthly prizes awarded for best idea submitted and final overall winner at the end of the campaign Send us your idea now

We aim to have a project identified for implementation in March of each year. This allows for a six month project duration and thereafter a formal assessment as to how much carbon has been cut. Of course many projects will hopefully continue beyond that. In October and November of each year we award prizes to the winning Clubs

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