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Give a Woman Dignity

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We provide women-in-need with a menstrual cup that is non-toxic to the body, reusable (lasts for 5-8yrs) and is cost effective as it is purchased once. Not only are we meeting the large and unspoken problem of providing sanitary products to rural and poor women, we are also contributing towards reducing pollution and environmental damage.

Dignity for Women

  • There are 15 million menstruating women in South Africa, of those only 8 million have access to sanitary products
  • The rest are forced to use newspaper, rags, mud or any material they can find
  • The average rural or poor South African girl misses 50 days of school per year due to her cycle
  • Some women resort to prostitution to afford their needed products
  • Others have a child to stop their period for 9 months
  • The health hazards, social impact, economic pressure, lack of dignity, abuse and shame is incalculable

Dignity for Mother Earth

  • Every month over 160 million tampons and pads go into our landfill in South Africa alone
  • This excludes the packaging
  • It takes 6 months for a tampon to biodegrade, a Pad lasts indefinitely
  • Flushed tampons are causing a serious risk to our oceans and sealife
  • The manufacturing of pads and tampons causes thousands of hectares of deforestation

For every x 4 MPower Cups donated, a further one is donated to a needy woman by the Karabo Initiative

If you would like to support this worthy project, kindly send us an email at

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