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Install a Geyser Blanket

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The repeated re-heating of water is very wasteful because energy is consumed simply redoing what was already done before. By installing a good geyser blanket you can reduce the rate of water cooling inside the geyser considerably – saving unnecessary electricity consumption and money

You can install a Geyser Blanket yourself which is relatively quick and easy, or hire someone to do it for you. Costs range from about R60 – R500 depending on whether you are buying one yourself or not. That’s very cheap considering you’ll be saving between 10-20% of your electricity bill every month!

If you want to install it yourself you can buy a kit from any major Hardware store around the country

Why should you buy a geyser blanket?

  • A geyser blanket is proven to save up to 1 800kw/h per year! (depending on the size of your geyser)
  • Reducing your homes electricity requirements, reduces your carbon footprint and therefore directly benefits the environment
  • It is a once off installation with no maintenance or ‘’check ups’’ required for the rest of your geysers life!
  • Geyser blankets are endorsed by Eskom


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