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Post a Tree

Featured image for Post a Tree

Post a tree to your clients or friends – what a great way to help grow the environment. We have standard range of trees to choose from, all of which are indigenous to South Africa

Some of the popular choices being:

  • Wild Olive
  • White Stinkwood
  • Yellowwood
  • Fever Tree
  • Acacia to name but a few…

The tubes are made from paper (recycled content) therefore being fully biodegradable. The tube consists of 2 parts, the inner and the outer (as shown above), each component fulfilling a specific function. The tubes have been designed in such a way to allow you to post the tree to any recipient in South Africa. The instructions are simple, once received you simply take the tree from the packaging and plant it in a suitable place in your garden

  • The tube can be printed with your personalized message
  • Our minimum order quantity is 100 units

This product can tie into any greening activity of a company. If you were to incorporate the mailer with a follow up call, to check if the tree was plant, you would be able use that green credit towards your overall Carbon Emission reduction

For ordering, prices or more information please click here or to send a mail click here

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