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Reduce 30% of print cartridge landfill by 2012

Featured image for Reduce 30% of print cartridge landfill by 2012

Let us make a stand and encourage all we know to send our used printer cartridges to greenOFFICE for re-manufacturing thus conserving the resources used in the manufacturing of new cartridges and contributing to the emissions saved during production

  • In South Africa an average of 13 million printer cartridges are used each year, with at least 80% of these going straight to landfill once empty
  • Empty printer cartridges are a hazardous waste and in addition the plastic casing takes years to decompose

OUR CHALLENGE: get your school, office or community involved in aiming to prevent 30% of the cartridges South Africa uses from going to landfill by December 2012


SIGN UP TO GREEN OFFICE NOW – FREE Nationwide collection

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